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Thursday Oct 22, 2009

Today (October 22nd) is Microsoft’s big day. After months of public beta testing, untold number of engineering hours, and more than 9 months of public beta testing Windows 7 launches today. is brought to you by eSupport the makers of DriverAgent – America’s leading driver update service – is meant to be a general purpose resource for consumers considering Windows 7. We’ve collected some of the most interesting content about Windows 7 for your consideration. Beyond content alone we’ve created a free Windows 7 readiness test.

We know that Microsoft has their own readiness tool.  Our test is a quicker assessment of your hardware to see if your PC’s hardware is appropriate for Windows 7.  Some people that have held onto their XP machines are going to find that their hardware isn’t up to the task.  In many cases, you can make your PC older PC boot faster, crash less, and, in general, operate more efficiently by updating the drivers. 

A service like DriverAgent™ is an ideal to help you update your computer’s drivers.  For those customer’s upgrading to Windows 7 we also offer a tool called the “Driver Migration Wizard.” There is nothing worse than installing a new OS and you cannot get on to the network to get the drivers you need or you get stuck with a 640 X 480 screen resolution.  The Driver Migration Wizard solves that problem.  It scans your hardware and builds an archive of all of the drivers you will need for your next OS.  You can even build an archive of the drivers needed for your current OS – just in case you need to downgrade. 

Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding new content and making new features to the readiness test.  Please let us know what you think of the site what you’d like to see added by dropping us a note at

Finally, we want to offer Microsoft our congratulations on the accomplishment of shipping Windows 7.  We’ve been using it ourselves for some time now and think you will be happy with what you find. 



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